Welcome to Gotham & Oz

Where global strategy meets actionable insight.

As a leading global strategic advisory firm based in Washington, D.C., we navigate the intersection of power, policy, and international commerce.

We provide insightful guidance to elected officials, governments, C-suite executives, think tanks, and a host of other critical stakeholders navigating the complex terrain of international relations.

With a robust legacy that spans multiple continents and sectors, our forte lies in our multidimensional understanding of geopolitical landscapes. Our experts weave together complex narratives from a myriad of areas, including government, energy and infrastructure, technology, and defense.

Whether you represent a nation seeking strategic alliances, a corporation exploring technology transfer, or an executive preparing for a high-stakes appointment, Gotham & Oz is your trusted partner.

Our Philosophy

At Gotham & Oz, we believe in the power of informed strategy. We know that every decision carries weight and potential ramifications ripple across borders. Therefore, we approach each challenge with rigor, discretion, and an unwavering commitment to integrity.

Our team’s academic background and practical experience enable us to chart a path that balances strategic foresight, risk management, and effective stakeholder engagement. We understand that your success lies in our ability to provide bespoke solutions, designed with the precision of a scholar and the prudence of a practitioner.