Regional Expertise

Gotham & Oz's comprehensive advisory services are underpinned by an in-depth understanding of key regional dynamics.

We leverage our global network and localized insights to provide clients with a granular understanding of their regions of interest, enabling them to make informed and strategic decisions.

United States

Our firm’s roots in Washington, D.C. give us a unique understanding of the U.S. political landscape. We assist foreign corporations seeking expansion into the U.S., advising them on regulatory compliance, cultural integration, business strategy, and stakeholder engagement.


With a rich history of political complexity and economic innovation, Europe demands nuanced navigation. Our experts offer strategic guidance on European Union regulations, transnational issues, market entry strategies, and regional partnership facilitation.

The Caucasus

The geopolitical intricacies of the Caucasus call for advisors who understand its rich history and dynamic present. We offer detailed guidance on geopolitical risk assessment, strategic alliance formation, and infrastructure project advisory in this unique region.

Southeast Asia

In the fast-paced, rapidly developing environment of Southeast Asia, our team provides clients with insights into local market trends, regional geopolitics, and emerging opportunities. We assist clients in developing impactful strategies for trade, technological advancement, and humanitarian efforts.

Latin America

Our understanding of Latin America’s diverse cultural, political, and economic landscapes allows us to provide tailored advisory services to our clients. From navigating trade regulations to fostering partnerships, we guide clients to effectively engage with this vibrant region.

At Gotham & Oz, we believe in the power of local understanding in a global context.

Our regional expertise, combined with our sector-specific knowledge, provides our clients with a multifaceted view, equipping them to succeed in a complex, interconnected world.