Our Philanthropy

At Gotham & Oz, we firmly believe that our responsibility extends beyond the boardroom. We are deeply committed to contributing positively to the global community, and our philanthropic efforts are a testament to this commitment.

Our Focus: Combating Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation

The issues of human trafficking and child exploitation present urgent and global challenges. They are crimes that know no borders, affecting societies at every level, from every region. Our philanthropy centers on supporting those organizations – NGOs, institutes, and think tanks – that are tirelessly working on the front lines to combat these grave human rights abuses.

Our Support: Strategic Advisory Services for NGOs

In order to amplify the impact of these courageous organizations, we leverage our core competencies to enhance their effectiveness and extend their reach. We offer a suite of strategic advisory services, tailored to the unique needs of NGOs operating in this challenging arena:

Our Commitment: A Grants-Based Award System

All our services are offered free of charge to NGOs working to combat human trafficking and child exploitation, made possible through our grants-based award system. We understand the financial constraints that many NGOs face, and we are committed to ensuring that resources are not a barrier to accessing the strategic guidance they need.

If you represent an NGO that is courageously tackling the issues of child exploitation and human trafficking, we invite you to apply for a services grant. Together, we can enhance your organization’s ability to protect the vulnerable, bring perpetrators to justice, and advocate for policy change.

The world is interconnected, and so are its challenges. At Gotham & Oz, we are committed to harnessing our expertise to create a safer, fairer world for all.