Investigations & Intelligence

Gotham & Oz, while our priority is to offer services free of charge to synergistic organizations, has a responsibility to offer the following solutions for a traditional fee-based structure to established NGOs, institutes, and think tanks, along with election campaigns and elected officials, introduces a comprehensive array of intelligence services tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of these entities

In an era marked by unique challenges that beset think tanks, institutes, and NGOs, Gotham & Oz emerges as the beacon of expertise and guidance. Though our primary practice is to offer services that are completely free through our grant and scholarship model, we also work with many larger and more established organizations and campaigns that require a broader spectrum of solutions. Our commitment extends beyond providing complimentary services to synergistic partnerships, embracing a fee-based model for a broader spectrum of established entities including NGOs, think tanks, election campaigns, and elected officials. Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled suite of intelligence services, meticulously designed to navigate these organizations’ distinct hurdles and demands.

This portfolio of services, ranging from due diligence to cyber intelligence, is dedicated to offering specialized support that transcends our scholarship and grant programs, ensuring that your operations are secure, efficient, and impactful on a global scale:

Due Diligence - Gotham & Oz Collaboration with Elected Officials
Due Diligence: Meticulously assesses potential partnerships, donations, and projects to ensure they resonate with your mission and values, scrutinizing legal compliance, financial health, and reputational factors.

Surveillance: Employs advanced technology to monitor and report developments that could influence your operations, focusing on geopolitical changes and security threats to provide a proactive response strategy.

Background Checks - Gotham & Oz Collaboration with Elected Officials

Background Checks: Conducts in-depth verifications of employees, volunteers, and partners, aligning with ethical standards and security needs to diminish misconduct risks.

Internal Investigations - Gotham & Oz Collaboration with Elected Officials

Internal Investigations: Offers discrete, thorough investigations into internal misconduct allegations, preserving organizational integrity and trust.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations: Identifies and resolves fraud incidents within or against your organization, safeguarding financial resources and operational integrity.

Embezzlement Investigations - Gotham & Oz Collaboration with Elected Officials

Embezzlement Investigations: Investigates financial irregularities and mismanagement, assisting in asset recovery and financial control enhancements.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics: Provides expert analysis of cyberattacks or data breaches, facilitating effective response and recovery strategies.

Insider Threats

Insider Threats: Identifies and neutralizes risks from within, focusing on potential harm from internal actors.

Asset Identification and Location

Asset Identification and Location: Assists in locating and identifying assets globally, ensuring effective resource utilization aligned with organizational objectives.

Cyber, Open Source, Deep _ Dark Web Collection

Cyber, Open Source, Deep / Dark Web Collection: Utilizes cutting-edge techniques to gather intelligence from all internet strata, informing strategic decisions and safeguarding against cyber threats.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting: Analyzes financial records for discrepancies and signs of fraud, promoting transparency and financial accountability.

Online Defamation and Slander - Gotham & Oz Collaboration with Elected Officials

Online Defamation and Slander: Forensically analyze Tweets, posts, users, and connections to zero in on internet slanderers—surgically precise geotargeting supported by 100s of endpoints. Exposes, uncovers, addresses, and mitigates the impact of online defamation, protecting your digital reputation in an increasingly connected world.

Social Media Slander and Defamation Forensics
Social Media Slander and Defamation Forensics: In response to the growing threats posed by online defamation, our team offers specialized forensic analysis aimed at uncovering and addressing online trolls, slanderers, defamers, and collaborative networks intent on reputational harm. Leveraging a proprietary investigative strategy, we quickly unmask perpetrators, providing comprehensive reports for legal action. This service is crucial for organizations facing targeted defamation campaigns, ensuring their digital reputation remains intact.

Gotham & Oz is committed to equipping NGOs, think tanks, and institutes with the tools necessary for secure, efficient, and impactful operations across the global landscape.