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At Gotham & Oz, we are committed to fostering societal progress through strategic support and collaboration.
Our services are completely free to qualified and synergistic organizations, and our Grants & Scholarships program is designed to empower NGOs, institutes, think tanks, 501(c)(3)s, and activist organizations by assessing their unique situations and offering bespoke services and solutions, entirely free of charge. Our affiliated initiatives cover a broad spectrum of niches, reflecting our dedication to addressing critical issues across various sectors.

Environmental Sustainability and Net Zero Strategies:

Emphasizing collaborations for sustainability-focused strategies and internationalization of green tech startups.

Cybersecurity Education:

Using cybersecurity as a tool for positive societal change.

Community Empowerment:

Aiming to uplift marginalized communities and transform lives through resilience and hope.

Art and Societal Transformation:

Engaging diverse audiences across the globe to foster societal transformation through art.

International Trade Collaborations:

Facilitating trade collaborations in technology, energy, and infrastructure within ASEAN trade bloc nations.

Child Abuse and Human Trafficking:

Supporting initiatives aimed at preventing child abuse and human trafficking, offering victims the support and resources needed for recovery and justice.

Child Soldier Reintegration:

Assisting organizations dedicated to the reintegration of child soldiers into society, focusing on their mental health, education, and the rebuilding of their lives.

Stateless People Representation:

Advocating for the rights and representation of stateless individuals, ensuring they have access to legal support, documentation, and basic human rights.

Conflict Zone-Focused Peacebuilding Missions:

Partnering with organizations that work towards peacebuilding in conflict zones, facilitating dialogues, and implementing strategies for lasting peace and community rebuilding.

If your organization is working within these areas or has a vision that aligns with our goals of instigating positive change, we encourage you to apply for our Grants & Scholarships program. Our application process is designed to be straightforward and transparent, ensuring that we can quickly assess and respond to your needs.

To apply, please visit our application page and submit the required documentation. Our team will review your submission and contact you for further information or to discuss the next steps. Together, we can create a more equitable, informed, and sustainable world.

Act now and join us in our mission to empower change-makers across the globe. Apply for a grant or scholarship today and let’s make a difference, together.

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