In the ever-evolving global landscape, Gotham & Oz stands at the crossroads of industry knowledge and strategic acumen.

Our dedicated teams are comprised of experienced scholars and practitioners with deep insights into several key sectors. We provide sector-specific advisory services tailored to help our clients successfully navigate their unique challenges and opportunities. 


Guiding governmental bodies through the shifting sands of international relations is one of our core competencies. We provide strategic counsel on policy development, diplomatic relations, legislative affairs, and stakeholder engagement, always underpinned by a deep understanding of global and regional dynamics.

Energy & Infrastructure

From renewable energy strategies to comprehensive infrastructure projects, our team offers in-depth knowledge of this crucial sector. We help clients navigate the intersection of technological advancements, environmental considerations, regulatory challenges, and socio-economic impacts.


The rapid pace of technological innovation opens new opportunities but also creates unprecedented challenges. Gotham & Oz advises clients on a spectrum of issues including technology transfer, digital transformation, data privacy, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies like AI and blockchain.


Our defense sector advisory is grounded in a deep understanding of geopolitical dynamics, defense policy, and military technology. We assist clients in risk assessment, strategic planning, alliance formation, and navigating the complex regulatory environments prevalent in this industry.

At Gotham & Oz, our sector-specific expertise is complemented by a broader understanding of geopolitical, economic, and social trends. This uniquely positions us to provide advice that is both precise in its detail and expansive in its scope.

Whether you represent a government, an energy corporation, a tech start-up, or a defense entity, we are prepared to help you chart a course for success in an increasingly interconnected world.