Public Relations | Tailored Public Relations for Social Change

Gotham & Oz has shifted its focus to serving Institutes, Think Tanks, NGOs, Startup 501(c)(3)s, and Activist Organizations, offering tailored Public Relations services to support their unique needs and objectives.

Strategic Media Engagement & Crisis Communication

Their services are designed to leverage decades of strategic expertise in media communications, crisis management, and stakeholder engagement, now aimed at amplifying the voices of non-commercial entities dedicated to societal improvement.

Key service areas include:

Government and Public Relations Firms - Gotham & Oz Collaboration with Elected Officials

Strategic Media Engagement

Enhancing visibility and influence through targeted media outreach.

Election Campaigns - Gotham & Oz Collaboration with Elected Officials

Crisis Communication Management

Navigating and mitigating crises with resilient strategies.

Technology Startups

Stakeholder Engagement

Building meaningful connections with key influencers and policymakers.

Critical Infrastructure Organizations

Narrative Development

Crafting compelling stories that resonate with diverse audiences.

Corporate and Government Stakeholders

Research Promotion

Highlighting and disseminating impactful studies and findings.

Small Medium Size Enterprises - Gotham & Oz Collaboration with Elected Officials

Advocacy and Messaging

Unifying and amplifying messages for policy influence and public engagement.

Gotham & Oz’s approach integrates advanced technology with personalized strategies to ensure that each organization’s mission is communicated effectively, engaging relevant stakeholders and media outlets to support impactful social change.